The only light we can depend on is our own.

Just a poem today. It’s nearly the end of summer and it’s a sad time for me. A time for letting go, for embracing change. It can’t be summer forever. Maybe I need to move to the tropics? Or maybe I need to learn to light myself up from the inside. We can’t depend on external things to fuel us, to warm us, to make us happy. If we do this, we will always be disappointed.

Keep the fire burning. Do not let anything extinguish your inner power. Namaste.

“The Sun Never Shines”

The sun never shines when we want it to.
When we are shadowed in buildings and under roofs
Toiling at our day to day routines, unawares
The sun could be beaming so bright as to burn our eyes to dust
And yet we curse that the dim candlelight at hand
Is not enough to warm us.

Then when we find a crack in the wall
Pry our fingertips into the plastered-over doorway
And force it open
The sun runs and hides behind a cloud or hill
And there is no light or warmth to be had.

The coy sun teases.

Our transparent, sun-starved skin aches to be held
In our great star’s warm, fiery embrace
Our chilled bones shudder without its penetrating heat
It is a wasteland of dead things, grey things, frozen dullness
Without that external glory to summon us from death
We wither like light-deprived flowers,
Suffocated in our dark soil.

Betrayed, we go back inside, seal up the door
Resolved to light our stumpy candle with a clumsy match
And live out our lives in almost-darkness.

Meanwhile the sun has noticed our absence, and awakens
Stretches its golden limbs and kicks off cloud blankets
To light the earth on fire.
But we press our faces and hands closely to the tiny flame
In an effort to refuse its fickle brilliance.
If we go running to the door again – we dare have hope!
The sun will turn its back, laughing.

The sun only shines
When we don’t want it to.


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