Living the Law of Attraction

My debt is a giant, smelly garbage heap. Every time I spend money, I throw another piece of garbage into the pile. I can usually keep it at bay, but every time rent comes due or I have to pay a bill, the stench of this rubbish heap seeps under the door and smells up my life. I am defenseless against this giant, self-made, disgusting disaster. Sometimes I get anxious that others can smell this secret stash of embarrassing debt. I’m like a hoarder who’s home is infiltrated with junk that they can’t get bear to get rid of. And yet I keep spending! Even when I buy a coffee, I see it as another chicken bone tossed onto the pile. I run from my debt, hoping that one day it will magically sink into the ground and I’ll be free of its nocuous stench.

My debt used to make me feel powerless. “Getting out of debt” sounded like hard work. I lamented over how I was going to go about cleaning up the giant landfill of my debt. It seemed endless, immovable. I felt like I was marooned on an island, using credit cards to stay afloat, turning a blind eye to my massive dues that leered at me from the mainland. I lived with daily angst that eventually my island would sink and I’d drown in the disgusting black, bubbling soup of my financial situation.

Then I realized that I was punishing myself by staying in debt. I felt guilty because I’d gone to school and spent thousands of dollars and borrowed unheard of amounts to pay my way through school. I felt very guilty, and I displaced the guilt through blame. I blamed my father for insisting I take out student loans because this is what got him through school. I blamed myself for following a frivolous passion instead of spending money on something worthwhile. I blamed my mother for not setting a good example of responsible spending. I allowed myself to be a victim of financial failure. I held onto a lot of negative feelings towards the whole situation, and in turn I held onto my debt. I allowed debt to be something that happened to me instead of seeing it as something I created. Even my language reflected my confining thoughts about debt; I told friends I couldn’t go out because I was “too poor” or “broke” or “barely making ends meet.” My language was a reflection of my thoughts, and my thoughts exemplified how I felt: that I was a lifer in the prison of debt.

Perhaps this sounds familiar to you. You have a hard time getting out of debt because you’ve made some poor financial decisions in the past and you feel guilty about it. You are punishing yourself for those decisions by staying stuck. Consciously or unconsciously you say to yourself “because I was foolish I deserve this fate. I am stupid so I don’t deserve to be wealthy.” However, it is essential that we forgive ourselves before we are able to move past these debilitating thoughts that keep us stuck. It was a pivotal moment when I realized that in order to get out of debt, I had to change the way I think, and I have to forgive. This is where the real work lies. Not in making large amounts of money and spending as little as possible, but in allowing myself the freedom of forgiveness and raising my vibration to that of abundance.

Thoughts are a manifestation of our feelings. They are the brain’s way of bringing to the surface what lies deeper – the innate vibration that we resonate with. If we think about what we don’t want, the universe will respond to the vibration we give out. If we think “I want to get out of debt” we are admitting that we have debt. We are thinking in terms of lack. Instead we have to not only think “I have financial abundance in my life” but we have to FEEL that we already have financial abundance.

Debt is like excess weight. Those of us who want to lose weight and those who want out of debt are very similar, or maybe you experience both for similar reasons. Both getting out of debt and losing weight sound like hard work. Unless we are motivated by something huge, it’s likely we will remain in the state we are in – even if it’s not ideal – because it is easier. We fear that we will have to change our lifestyle to get out of debt. We’ll need to “tighten our belt” and not enjoy life for 1, 5, maybe even 20 years before we get to the bottom of our debt, or before we reach our ideal weight. The goal is too far off in the distance to imagine it becoming reality.

In her book “The Only Diet There Is,” Sondra Ray explains weight loss as a condition of your mind. She says that losing weight can be done lying in bed, with no physical effort at all, simply through changing your thoughts.

“If you love your body, it will cooperate with your mind. Develop a loving relationship with your body. Treat it the way you would treat your dearest friend. If you have been saying that your body does not cooperate with you, then your perfect weight can never be achieved. You are in a continuous state of noncooperation with your body. If you say “I don’t like my body,” then your body must do whatever you DON’T want in order to please you! (GET THAT!) As a result, your body will go on getting heavier and heavier.”

Similarly, if we continue to say “I am so deep in debt, I have no idea how to ever get out of it,” then the universe will respond in turn and you will stay in debt, and even accumulate more.

This same theory works for relationships as well. Maybe you are having a hard time attracting the right kind of relationships into your life because, for whatever reason, you don’t feel you deserve unconditional love. Maybe you haven’t forgave yourself or someone else, and as a result Mr. or Ms. Wrong keeps coming back again and again. This is a function of your thinking, because – even if you won’t admit it – this is actually what you want and what you are asking the universe for.

Using the example of debt, how can we change our mind and feel abundant when everything in our day to day life tells us otherwise? It doesn’t help that society sends us wrong signals. The bank will charge fees and take more money from us if we are in our overdraft. Credit cards and loan companies charge outrageous interest. It’s like we are being punished for not having money. So we begin to believe in our plight – our state of lack continues to perpetuate and spiral deeper because we have no funds – along with our belief that we will ever be out of debt. On the other side of the coin (pun intended!), the more money you have, the more interest accrues and the bank gives you more money! Which solidifies in the minds of those who already have money that they will be safe and supported. So in essence, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, not only in a literal sense but also mentally and vibrationally.

In order to escape this vicious cycle we must use affirmations. When it seems impossible to feel a certain way – for instance, if we keep gaining weight when we are on a diet – one may use an affirmation to change their mind about the circumstance even though it logically seems bleak. In the example of debt, a simple phrase like “I have endless abundance, regardless of what my bank statement says” is a good place to start. It’s important that the phrase resonates with you. You have to believe it. If you feel it’s silly or hokey then it’s not going to work. It should come as a relief. Imagine that the burden of your debt was erased. Imagine that you’ve won the lottery. How good would that feel? All of your day-to-day necessities would be easily met. You’d no longer have to answer to correspondence reminding you that you owe money.  You could take a break from work and go on vacation. You could purchase an expensive item you’ve always desired. You could eat out all the time if you felt like it. You could buy things for people you care about. The banks would start giving YOU money. You could spend time doing things you love because you wouldn’t have to work all the time to make ends meet. You could work for fun, meaning you would be doing something you love, not toiling away at a job you dislike. People would respect you for the smart financial choices you’ve made.

Does that sound exciting and favorable to you? Do you want that life with your whole heart, or is there a small part that says, “no, no – that sounds nice, but it’s not the life for me”? Is there still fear of abundance? We can think about what we want until we’re blue in the face, but unless we truly feel it, our thoughts will not be effective. If you doubt your affirmations then you have to go into inquiry about why. Why do I not feel deserving of an ideal life? It’s one thing to want changes, but in order to make them reality, we have to exit the mindset of wanting and enter into the vibration of already having. How we feel right now should be the same as how we would feel if we already had what we wanted. This is the basic law of attraction.

The ego will try and derail your affirmations. If you begin to think, “this is stupid! Why am I doing this? I must be crazy,” it’s your ego getting in the way. Try and ignore these self-limiting thoughts and just keep saying your affirmations, even if it makes you want to laugh, or cry, or scream! Say the affirmations over and over again until they sink in, until you believe them. Say them until they become as truthful as telling someone what your name is, or what city you were born in. Say them in the mirror, write them down, say them to yourself with each step you take, whatever feels most natural to you. Make the affirmations an innate part of your being – vibrate with the energy of them until there is no separation between you and your affirmations. Then, as if by magic, your thoughts will manifest as reality. You will have attracted what you desire by telling the universe – which operates on a matrix of feeling and vibration – that this is what you want.

Human beings are the author and sole creator of our reality and of our life. Whether one wants to get out of debt, attract the perfect partner, or attain an ideal body weight, all of this can be done with the power of the mind, by creating a vibration that the universe can understand and respond to. And the universe wants us to succeed! We only need the courage to receive the abundance that all of us are deserving of.

So instead of imagining that my debt is a seething ocean of garbage – perhaps I’ll picture myself cruising a sparkling ocean on my yacht instead! 🙂

Happy manifesting! Namaste.