Shift Happens.

Ah, fall. That time when I lament the departure of summer, and yet am super excited about the changes that the new season brings. I love fall. I love the quieting down, the introspection, the perfect temperature for running and biking, and the chance to re-group and set new goals. Fall is Vata time, which means routines become paramount for feeling balanced. I’m a Vata dosha, so I feel like autumn is my time. Not, of course, without the initial PSD (Post Summer Depression) and the inner kicking and screaming that goes on when I feel the first cool breeze at the end of August. I go through all the stages of grief: Denial (no way, summer’s not even close to over. It’ll be hot until at least October.) Anger (I HATE WINTER! I HATE IT!!! I’M MOVING TO HAWAII!) Bargaining (please, please, weather man…just give me one more hot day on the beach, then I promise I will put on a sweater!) Depression (I’m just going to stay in bed all day where it’s warm and read books.) And finally, Acceptance (I guess it can’t be summer 365 days a year. I do like to wear boots, and scarves. This isn’t so bad.) I think I’m almost there. Almost.

I was in yoga yesterday, thinking about some major changes happening at my workplace. I panicked over the changes because I felt like I’d finally found a place that I could call my professional home; I love my coworkers and bosses, and I feel useful and respected. So when I found out about these changes I immediately went for the worst-case scenario: I’m going to lose my job. I will have to do things differently. The dynamic will not be the same. I will lost my happy place. Then as I breathed and moved in my practice, I remembered. Change is not what causes pain. Change is inevitable. What causes the pain is the resistance to change. If nothing ever changed, nothing would grow. Nothing would be alive. And if growth is the most important thing there is, as one of my teachers Baron Baptiste would say, then change is a part of that equation.

So I will go into this new season with as little resistance as possible, go with the ebb and flow of it all, stay open to the changes and continue on the journey. And maybe sweeten the deal with a PSL.